Join the Movement…

Sea Hawkers doing good!

One unique characteristic of Sea Hawkers that makes us stand apart is our focus on charitable giving and community service. We are the leaders in generosity by serving our communities -- local and abroad.

Throughout the year we will collect information from every chapter about their charitable activities. At the banquet we'll be able to share the 'grand total' of dollars raised, hours volunteered, pounds of food and number of stuff animals donated. Together we are a force to be reckoned with! A report of all Sea Hawkers charitable activities is shared with the Seahawks!

*** What is a "charitable activity"? What to report ***

It doesn't have to be a typical non-profit,
anything you do to help our community or
a person that you do not get paid for counts!
Please make sure to include any photos you have!
If any questions, please contact
Volunteer & Charity Coordinator

Use the following link to submit
your individual charitable activities

The Chapter will submit reports for any group activities

If Posting On Social Media

Please use the hashtag #12s4Good, #SeaHawkers, and @Sea_Hawkers when you post on social media about your charitable work or good deeds.

Tagging Sea Hawkers helps us share your information on social media.

#12s4Good is a movement about Seahawks fans to highlight their good deeds in the community. By adding #12s4Good other fans will see your charitable work and be inspired to join you or do good deeds on their own.